chico-freeman-fritz-pauer-trio CD Cover

Chico Freeman & Fritz Pauer Trio „The Essence Of Silence“

Ein Schwergewicht in der Welt des Jazz! Chico Freeman, der Multiinstrumentalist, Komponist und Produzent ist stets auf der Suche nach neuen Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten, um das Erbe und die Tradition des Jazz in neuem Gewand fortzuführen.

chico-freeman-fritz-pauer-trio CD Cover
Chico Freeman & Fritz Pauer Trio "The Essence Of Silence"

Viele Kritiker zählen ihn zu den ganz Großen in der Geschichte des Jazz und nur ganz wenige Künstler können solche eine stolze Musikerliste vorweisen, die mit ihm gespielt haben.

Darunter Musiker-persönlichkeiten wie Dizzy Gillespie, McCoy Tyner, Elvin Jones, Charles Mingus, Jack DeJohnette, Art Blakey, Wynton Marsalis, Branford Marsalis, Hank Jones, Freddie Cole, Joe Henderson, Bobby Hutcherson, Roy Haynes, Von Freeman, Arthur Blythe, Billy Hart, Lester Bowie, Cecil McBee, Kirk Lightsey, John Hicks, Mal Waldron, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Eurythmics, The Temptations, The Four Tops, und viele viele andere….

Von Südamerika nach Puerto Rico, Kuba und der Dominikanischen Republik hat Freeman gespielt und aufgenommen, darunter mit solchen Größen wie Tito Puente, Machito, Irakere, Paquito D’Rivera, Arturo Sandoval, Celia Cruz, Giovanni Hidalgo, Paulinho DaCosta, Ray Barretto, Eddie Palmieri… Ohne Zweifel ein besonderer Moment, wenn der warme & dunkle Ton des studierten Holzbläsers erklingt. Besonders mit dem Fritz Pauer Trio..

Das erste musikalische Zusammentreffen von Chico Freeman und dem Fritz Pauer Trio fand 2007 in Wien statt. Nach einer erfolgreichen Tour im Jahr darauf erwuchs die Idee, die fruchtbare Zusammenarbeit zu dokumentieren, die neue Doppel CD „Essence of Silence “ wird nun zur Tour 2011 erscheinen. Das Repertoire besteht aus eigenen Stücken von Chico Freeman, Fritz Pauer, Johannes Strasser und George Cables, sowie Standards von Thelonious Monk und Mc Coy Tyner.

Das aktuelle Fritz Pauer Trio wurde 1995 gegründet. Intensives Zusammenspiel voller Überraschungen, Originalität und musikalische Kraft gepaart mit höchster Virtuosität, sind nur einige Worte um die Leistung dieses Top- Trios zu beschreiben. Als eine der gefragtesten Rhythmusgruppen in Europa begleitete die Band Jazzgrössen wie Art Farmer, Benny Golson, Johnny Griffin, Sheila Jordan, Hal Singer und Don Menza.

Chico Freeman & Fritz Pauer Trio „The Essence Of Silence“ Tracklisting:

Cd 1
1. Enchance
2. Helen’s Song
3. The Trespasser
4. The Essence Of Silence
5. Shen Shun Song
6. Will I See You in the Morning
7. Minor Relations

Chico Freeman & Fritz Pauer Trio „The Essence Of Silence“ Cd 2
1. Salsa Con Punta
2. Epikur Intro
3. Epikur Main
4. To Hear A Treardrop In the Rain
5. Dark Blue
6. Drum Chant
7. Angel Eyes

Chico Freeman – Tenorsax, Sopranosax, Komposition
Fritz Pauer – Piano, Komposition
Johannes Strasser – Bass, Komposition
Joris Dudli – Drums

recorded in March 2009, Tom-Tom Studio Vienna /Wien

Chico Freeman & Fritz Pauer Trio „The Essence Of Silence“ liner notes für die Songs:

Enchance (7:41) The song is in 8/8 with the approach of a 6/8
feel. It begins with an intro of piano followed by piano, sax and
bass, then a bass vamp interlude; sax enters on the main theme.
The song goes through some time changes and interesting harmonic
variations. The solos are on two different formats. The sax solos
on the form of the melody “A B (bridge) A”, the piano solos on a
different form with a different harmonic structure but returns to the
A section signaling the end of the piano solo; the sax enters at the
bridge and plays the melody thru to the last A section, repeating the
theme of the intro at the end with full rhythm section.
Chico Freeman

Helen’s Song (5:50) – Helen’s Song is one of my favorite George
Cables compositions, this added to the fact that I am privileged to
call Helen herself a friend of mine, makes the opportunity to record
it even more special. I’ve played it with George on many occasions
as well as in many of my own projects. This version finds Fritz
playing it with great sensitivity, passion and beauty. This is one of
my favorite renditions of what I believe is a classic, just like it’s
namesake.– Chico Freeman

The Trespasser (9:10) We see many in our lives, some are
welcome, and some are not. You decide. – Chico Freeman

The Essence of Silence (5:38) I believe that when we are alone
and in complete silence is when music makes its most direct and
purest journey to our being. In silence we hear music, hence, the
essence of silence. Chico Freeman.

Shen Shun Song (7:08) A song with the title borrowed from the
Chinese martial art tai chi chuan. Shen meaning spirit and mental
liveliness; Shun meaning to go along with, to follow and free-flowing
and relaxed a song with three main attributes for a successful
performance. With this tune I would like to honour McCoy Tyner
and the pioneers of Modal Jazz – Fritz Pauer

Will I See You in the Morning? (5:24)
This question has been asked in so many different ways but it still remains the same question. The lyrics explain the sentiment:
Will I see you in the morning? I might leave without much warning
Try and understand the reason if I go I know you believe
what you want me to know
You can’t stand to see me crying
just because i know you’re lying
when you tell me everything will be OK
How come I can see
with my eyes closed tight
that we are over?
Don’t say a word
unless you mean
everything you say
What do u think I’m gonna do?
are you afraid that I’ll see through
everything I meant to you?
So if I don’t see you in the morning
and I leave without much warning
you will understand the reason
and you’ll know
. . . but you must believe
that I did not want to go.

Minor Relations (5:39) A tune simply consisting of different
colours (chords) around the tonal centre of c-minor. The piano intro
represents my admiration for traditional jazz piano styles, mainly
the stride piano of James Pete Johnson. – Fritz Pauer

Salsa con Punta (06:40) Written in two parts; the first part with a
Latin flavour, the second part goes into a straight 4/4 groove (Chico
added a cowbell for the overdub.) – Fritz Pauer

Epikur Intro (1:25) & Main (05:38) Compositional contribution
Epikur, named after the ancient Greek philosopher (Epicurus in
English) with its Phrygian mode, consists of two parts:
In part one I introduce the main theme con arco quasi rubato with
some collective sound fields beneath; in part two the full tune in a
medium up-tempo with solos by Chico, Fritz and myself is heard.
The chord changes run by fairly quickly and that’s why the tune, with
it’s inherent restlessness, was originally called Busy Morning. One
day I woke up with the melody in my head and had to write it down
immediately. – Johannes Strasser

To Hear a Teardrop in the Rain (5:43) This song was written for
a very special person who left us some time ago. She will
always be remembered. – Chico Freeman

Dark Blue (6:59) A blues, first heard on my
cd Tales of Ellington, it was written in honor
of Duke Ellington. – Chico Freeman

Drum Chant (8:20) Another modal tune
especially written for the artistry of our outstanding
percussionist, Joris Dudli.
– Fritz Pauer

Angel Eyes (11:30) – this arrangement involves
an ostinato bass line while the original
changes and melody are played over this line.
This opens up two worlds at the same time, a kind
of ballad and groove in simultaneous motion.
– Chico Freeman

Chico Freeman & Fritz Pauer Trio „The Essence Of Silence“ LIVE ON TOUR:

Do, Feb 17, 2011 Freiraum, Jenbach (Austria)
Fr, Feb 18, 11 Jazzclub, Bamberg (Germany)
Sa, Feb 19, 11 66-400 Gorzów Wielkopolski (Poland)
So, Feb 20, 11 78-100 Kołobrzeg (Poland)
Mo, Feb 21, 11 Blue Note, Poznan (Poland)
Di, Feb 22, 11 A- Trane, Berlin Germany
Mi, Feb 23, 11 Jazz- zirkel, Weiden (Germany)
Do, Feb 24, 11 Hildesheim (Germany)
Fr, Feb 25, 11 Braunschweig (Germany)
Sa, Feb 26, 11 Cave 69, Heilbronn (Germany)
So, Feb 27, 11 Jazzkeller, Frankfurt (Germany)
Di, Mär 1, 11 Jazzland, Vienna Austria
Mi, Mär 2, 11 Jazzland, Vienna Austria
Do, Mär 3, 11 Jazzland, Vienna Austria
Fr, Mär 4, 11 Jazzland, Vienna Austria
Sa, Mär 5, 11 Jazzland, Vienna Austria