Siberian Meat Grinder's Album “METAL BEAR STOMP”

Siberian Meat Grinder’s Album “METAL BEAR STOMP”

BAAANG! Siberian Meat Grinder’s new album “METAL BEAR STOMP” out on Destiny Records – October 13, 2017!

Siberian Meat Grinder's Album “METAL BEAR STOMP”
Siberian Meat Grinder’s Album “METAL BEAR STOMP”
12 tracks – a boiling mix of ultra-speed thrash, NYC hardcore, hip-hop, black metal and a whole bunch of other genres grinded and cooked in a band’s unique style making you bang the remains of your brains away. Album art was created by the legendary Sean Taggart himself – the author of art for such bands as Napalm Death, Cro-Mags, Crumbsuckers, Agnostic Front and other classic acts. Pull your boots on, sing along to the anthems of illegal graffiti, death-inducing moshpits, dark forest rituals and constant touring; then prepare to stomp with the Bear-Tsar!
Info about PRE-ORDERS of CD, limited col. LP, Digital… soon!

Neues Video von Siberian Meat Grinder “No Way Back”:


Siberian Meat Grinder Summer tour
28.07.2017 Bausendorf- Riez Open Air GER
29.07.2017 Marseille – Les 9 Salopards FRA
30.07.2017 Albi Extreme Fest FRA
31.07.2017 Bern – ISC Club CH
01.08.2017 Zürich – Werk21 CH
02.08.2017 Bresso – Blue Rose Club ITA
04.08.2017 Karlsruhe – New Noise Fest GER
05.08.2017 Kremmen – Resist To Exist GER
06.08.2017 Würzburg – Labyrinth GER
07.08.2017 Budapest – Dürer Kert HUN
08.08.2017 Ostrava Barrak Music Club CZE
09.08.2017 Warsaw – Znoska Lekkosc Bytu POL
10.08.2017 Torun – Dwa Swiaty PL
11.08.2017 Torgau – Endless Summer Festival GER
12.08.2017 Villmar – Tells Bells Fest GER
13.08.2017 Hamburg Monkey’s Club GER
14.08.2017 Köln – Sonic Ballroom GER
15.08.2017 Erfurt – AJZ GER
16.08.2017 Szekesfehervar Nycolas Muhely HUN
17.08.2017 Zagreb – Vintage Industrial Bar HRV
18.08.2017 Wien – Escape Metalcorner AU
19.08.2017 Volyne – Summer Punk Party CZ